Ready or Not!! An Entire Mood Launching May 3, 2019

Hi my lovelies, the time is finally here. AEM will be launching May 3rd, 2019 and I couldn't be more excited. I have learned so much in this short time of starting an online business and hope to one day share my high & lows.

I am a U.S.A.F Veteran serving 4 years as a Photographer with my last year singing and traveling the world as a Tops In Blue Vocalist. I come from a family of singers and hairstylist so I have always been creative. After traveling and serving my time with the military, I decided to pursue a life-long dream of getting a degree in Fashion Design & Marketing.

After College and still working full-time, I received my Associates & Bachelors degree and became a successful fashion designer & celebrity wardrobe stylist. I styled Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger), Jon Glover (Smallville) to name a few, created several collections, Featured in SAFW, Published in several print/digital publications and gained many happy customers.

Even with all this, I became worn out from sewing and realized that my place was in inspiring you to think of fashion differently, teaching you how to look good on a budget and rebelling against labels. All the while, talking, acting and singing to you on camera & stage. Fashion encompasses so much and is weaved into everything whether you planned it or not.

With this online store, I plan to one day expand into apparel but allow you to remain unique. A pretty planner or a great smelling candle can create "An Entire Mood"! We all can use a good mood from time to time! Happy Shopping! 

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  • Congrats!!! Toya, the site looks great. Much Success – JC

    JC Williams

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