Mama Said "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance"

Have you heard the saying: "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance"? Well, my mamma said that to me a few times and it took being a full-fledged adult, to grasp what it meant. 

It is my belief that human's are multi-tasker's by nature. Now, being successful at multi-tasking is another story. I have good days and bad days with staying on track. I've noticed that when I write things down and make a to-do list that I check things off of, I'm happier and more successful.

I hate to forget things and double book myself because then I feel overwhelmed and want to cancel everything (you feel me?). I found these adorable, colorful and easy to navigate planners to make life smoother.

Pretty planners for busy people. They have colorful pages to keep you interested and motivated, with big writing spaces for notes and quick reference.These planners start July 2019 so you have some time to get your life together. Well, some of it anyway lol.


What are some tools or techniques that you use to keep your schedule on track?

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